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The Fight (Episode 4)

Jérôme and Lucien are alone in a trench in the desert ,carrying the corspe of a lieutenant who wears the Legion of Honour medal. Lucien suggests pretend to be the lieutenant and Jérôme the hero who saved him and go to the nearest military outpost otherwise they will die there. Jérôme insists supply will arrive any time soon. Lucien hits Jérôme with the barrel of the gun . Jérôme wakes up terrified in prison of the ship with Captain, Olek and Ramiro, the priest.
Franz comes and takes Jérôme and Olek up in the deck and has them throw bodies of dead people overboard.
Maura leaves the boy locked in her cabin and goes to find the captain. In the bridge, the crew discuses about the disappearance of Prometheus,which was tied on to Kerberos. A member says the compass seem to function again but they are in the position they were 3days ago before they deviate off course. Franz decides they should go west full power.
Armed people from 3rd class threaten Sebastian and other crew members. Sebastian reveals that the company has sent a message that read ‘Sink ship’ and connects the boy’s appearance with the deaths on board. Tove is reluctant to translate but Krester does and everyone associates the biy with evil. Iben says that the devil comes in disguises and all go to find the boy. Only Tove and her father Ánker stay behind.
Meanwhile, the captain and Ramiro break the pipe and try to escape. Jérôme has another hallucination of the dead lieutenant while throwing the bodies in the sea and feels terrified.
Cleménce asks Lucien where he went last night and what is in the vials. Lucien reveals sarcastically that he takes potassium bromide to stop the seizures but he cannot get a hard-on. He admits having a few weeks of life and then finds by chance the Legion of Honour medal that Cleménce has found in the desk and put it on a drawer. He gets furious and attacks Cleménce shouting where she found it. He quickly regains control and leaves the cabin leaving Cleménce petrified .
Maura is taken to Franz and she demands to see the captain but Franz denies that. Maura says without fear to Franz ‘ you are a little boy ,toying with power’ and Franz orders to lock her. Ánker and Tove are the only ones that did not join to the boy hunting and discuss that Iben hears voices with Tove obviously doubting that. Maura is taken to her cabin to be locked by mutineers and outside 1011 they meet with Ibem and the mob that demands the boy. They open but the boy is nowhere in the room. When they leave, Maura hears a bang and finds a shaft under her bed just like the captain’s. The boy is in the shafts and appears with the black tetrahedron object in hands.
Down in the engines, a worker appears wearing garlic to protect himself from the evil.

Daniel goes down to the engine room and uses the mystery device in front of the fuse box and something appears to be set in function.
Meanwhile Olek and Jérôme keep throwing bodies overboard while the guards that keep an eye on them with the threat of guns are discussingwithout paying attention to them. Jérôme grabs the opportunity and hides while Olek tries to distract the guards. The guards eventually see Jérôme and start chasing him I side first class while Jérôme has hallucinations of being back at the war.
Jérôme gets into Cleménce’s cabin and despite her surprise, Clemence allows him to stay. To her questions, Jérôme replies that he has encountered in the past ‘people who have taken power while not deserving it- it never ends well’. Jérôme decides to free the Captain (Eyk) and Clemence follows him to help them.
The crew takes Olek to the bridge and beat him to reveal what he knows about Jérôme’s escape; nevertheless Olek denies knowing anything.
Sebastian, the first mate enters and says to Franz in distress ‘We are sitting on a powder keg about to explode, 1500 souls are on board and you armed them all.’ Sebastian reminds that they have have 5 days until they reach the land and therefore they have to give the boy to the crowd
They search all the cabins, they start with first class and the armed crowd appears uncontrolled they lock the people inside their cabins after searching each one. One armed man loots a watch from Ángel’s cabin in front of him and Ángel reacts and asks Krester to intervene. Iben who is Krester’s mother looks at Krester disillusioned ,takes the watch and throws it in front of Ángel’s feet. She then leaves the cabin with the other armed men murmuring to Krester that she wishes God had taken him instead of his sister Ada. Krester hearing that, spits on Ángel and locks him.
Marau aks the boy about the shafts but he doesn’t speak. The boy releases a scarab beetle instead that passes under the door and the door is unlocked.
Franz and the crew take Olek to the prison and find that the captain (Eyk) and the Spanish priest Ramiro who both arrive at another deck. Jérôme and Cleménce join them and once Captain gets rids of his cuffs, he suggests they all go to Prometheus to find a telegraph and send a signal for help.
At the same time Lucien is alone on a lower deck and throws the Legion of Honour medal into the sea and returns to find d his cabin empty . He then takes his gun.
Marau and the boy follow the scarab beetle and manage to avoid getting caught by the crew. They arrive at the lifeboats and find the captain and the others that try to leave for Prometheus. The captain confronts Maura and asks persistently what she knows about the Prometheus (without revealing that he found d her name on the passenger list of Prometheus). Krester, Franz and the crew find them and demand the boy theatening them with a gun. The boy goes willingl to the other side while Jérôme objects to that saying it is unjust and reaches for a hammer. Franz shoots Jérôme and the cre force everone to leave abandoning Jérôme who is wounded but falls into another hallucination.
Jérôme finds himself in a trench in the battle againα, inside a makeshift cell where Lucien has locked him. Lucien admits that this is a chance for him to return to France pretending to be someone else and create a new life for himself. He reveals his pain to send for help for Jérôme once he reaches a French outpost but he warns him that he will say he has deserted them and thus Jérôme will face prison time. Lucien confesses that he is sorry so he gives him a Legion of Honour medal that he believes Jérôme can trade in prison.
Jérôme regains consciousness,picks up the hammer and wounded in his arm he goes to find the captain.
Krester confronts his sister Tove who tries to reason with him not to kill a boy. Krester says Tove has only been interested in her misery and keeps blaming others for what has happened to her.
The mob lead the boy to the stern of the ship. Iben gives a speech stressing that the devil comes in many disguises and advocates for throwing the boy overboard. Captain ,Maura and their supporters come and a fight starts. Time slows and Maura runs towards the boy but Iben throws him overboard. Daniel takes Maura out of the fight while Lucien discovers there Jérôme and Cleménce hugging, threatens Jérôme and takes Cleménce out of the stern of the ship. The two teams fall back.
In the dining hall, captain and his supporters recover from the fight. Maura talks to herself that she cannot believe they killed the boy while Daniel sits next to her and holds her hand. They share a moment that Captain interrupts, demanding the truth. He admits finding the log book on Prometheus and Maura Franklin is included in the passenger list. Maura mutters that this is impossible and that minute the boy appears from the same cabinet as in the Prometheus and hugs Maura. Everyone stays startled at that sight.

Sebastian in front of Iben revealing that the message they received from the shipping company when they discover Prometheus was ‘Sink Ship’ (disclaimer: all photos belong to netflix)


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