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1899:The Pyramid (Episode 6)

Tove and Ada play hide and seek in the woods when a man appears and scares Tove. In the bridge, Captain suggests they split into groups and some should go to the engine room, some should look for survivors and the rest should keep sending distress signal. Captain and Maura will look for they boy and she thanks him for not considering her crazy.

There is a power surge and the console is buzzing in the engine room. Mrs Wilson, Tove, Clémence and Iben look for survivors. Tove hears voices when women split up into groups of two to look for survivors faster. The men find a weird looking black crystal that spreads while going to engine room and Daniel prevents them from touching it. Maura and Captain go down her cabin’s shaft and reach the mental hospital. Maura believes it belongs to her father.

Tove and Clémence look for survivors when Clémence admits that she wishes for a baby herself and she admires Tove for being strong and free. Clémence says that ‘Men invented heels and dresses to make sure that women can’t run away’ and by that she undresses and puts on a pair of male trousers she finds feeling relieved.

The other group reaches the engine room and Olek with Ling Yi go up to fix teh lever make coal start falling. She finds the photo of Statue of Liberty that belongs to Olek and they share an intense moment and a kiss. In the meantime, Daniel realises Maura and Captain have gone to the mental hospital. Maura remembers that her father built that hospital for her mother who suffered from dementia. They go up to room 1011 and find that behind the windows there is a ship’s hull.

In the bridge, Ramiro keeps sending distress signals with Anker while Sebastian leaves them alone. Anker admits that he is a farmer and never wanted to be a priest but Iben started hearing voices and he only wanted to make her happy. He himself has never heard God’s voice. Ramiro says ‘All your sins will be forgiven’ . (The oxymoron here is that the two priests on Kerberos both pretend to be priests).

Mrs Wilson and Iben search in a cabin where Iben says that everyone’s stories are all written by God while Mrs Wilson touches the black crystal and her finger gets black. The same time Tove sees Krester and follows him and finds herself in a memory of her past. She is in the woods and someone threatens her family with a gun. It is their landlord who hints that Krester had sexual relationship with his son and shoots Krester on the face and then he rapes Tove but she manages to escape and kill him.

Sebastian leaves the place through the cabinet in the dining hall and goes to Henry Singleton’s office. In the engine room, Lucien admits to Jérôme that he got not what he wanted but what he deserved and that he travels to America to meet a doctor. The engines start working and the ship is moving but the question is who is steering the ship. In the bridge Anker is getting all books available to learn how to do it and all he sees in the books is the expression ‘May your coffee kick in before reality does’.

Henry Singleton asks Sebastian to bring him the boy and comments that people are oblivious to reality and see only what they want to see while all they have to do is shift the perspective to see the full scope of things. In the mental hospital, Maura and Captain find the black crystal but Daniel prevents them from touching it and transfers the captain to a forest. Daniel says to Maura that they were married for 12 years and that he loves her. Maura threatens him with a gun , locks him in 1011 and leaves the mental hospital. Outside, she throws the gun but that hits something invisible and cracks it like mirror instead of falling in the ground. Maura realises that the nature outside the menatl hospital is not a real place but there are mirrors once taken out reveal a hull of a hip.

Mrs Wilson, Iben, Tove and Clémence realise that all passengers are dead. The captain who Daniel sent to the forest returns to his cabin but he finds himself not on Kerberos but on Prometheus. He goes to the deck and sees a sea full of half sunk similar ships.



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