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The Calling (Episode 5)

Maura wakes up lying in a barren place in English nature. There is a cross on a hill marking a grave but instead of a name, there is the expression WAKE UP. She wakes up to the first scene of the series, in a mental institute wearing a robe and being dragged by two nurses to 1011 room, her hands are bruised by having been tied. She screams to the shadowy figure: “I know what I’ve seen, I am not crazy. What did you do to my brother? He was on Prometheus. He found out what you were doing to these ships” . The shadowy figure steps into the light (It appears to be Henry Singleton, her father).

Captain of Kerberos, Eyk Larsen

The nurses inject something to her and she finds herself in Kerberos dining hall with Daniel on her side. Daniel says that she fell asleep and the boy was locked in the dining hall’s cabinet in the same way as he was found in Prometheus. Maura demands the release of the boy. The captain confronts her and asks why Maura’s name was in the list of Prometheus and explains that the boy can’t have survived the fall from the ship and be found in that cabinet again.

Franz reassures they are still in control as long as they have control of the engine room and that they should head to America which will be in 3-4 days time. Someone underlines that mutiny carries death penalty but Iben maintains that justice is with the righteous and Light will prevail.
Tove leaves and finds Krester looking at Ada’s doll. Tove believes their mother hears voices but not God and Krester reminds Tove that she had killed before.
Meanwhile the console lights up. Lucien confesses he is not the lieutenant Cleménce ‘s family expected but he is in love with her. Tove goes to the dining hall where the boy bangs the cabinet door. Somebody fires at maura who attempts to free the boy and time stops for everyone apart from Maura.
Maura looks at the bullet that has stopped and looks at Daniel who dove to take the bullet for her. She then frees the boy and as the time has nit stopped for them only, the two of them leave. She realises it is the pyramid that stopped time. Once they leave, all stay startled as for them, Maura disappeared .
All doors are open, a siren is heard. Captain attacks Daniel and demands what Daniel and Maura were discussing the previous day. Captain then admits that as mutineers fire the furnaces at full speed, they will run out of coal in two days. They agree to take control of the ship but just then a clock is heard ticking and the majority of passengers start walking hypnotised at the clock’s rhythm. Captain ,Tove, Ling Yi appear not to be influenced by the ticking. The hypnotised passengers fall into the sea, first is Ling Yi’s mother and also Krester among them.
Lucien and Cleménce see surprised people falling overboard, the same happens at those who are on bridge. Maura asks what the ticking is and the boy writes a message : ‘They are listening’ and whispers that she needs to ask the Creator.
Anke passes the news to engine room that everyone is falling overboard. Olek finds Ling Yi in the crowd. The boy shows Maura how a scathar beetle can open a passage in the shafts and they arrive at the eerie landscape with the cross and the hospital at the back. Maura is headed towards the hospital ,in the meantime Daniel reaches that place through the same shaft and finds the boy alone near the grave and reprimands the boy that he shouldn’t have done that because it knows they are at that place. They boy says that they have never made it that far and that maybe it will work this time. Daniel asks the boy to stay there before they sink the ship.

Ramiro runs to Ángel who is curled on the floor confused. Jérôme finds Lucien and Cleménce and ties them and himself, they think it is contagious what affects other passengers. A new message arrives in the ship that reads again ‘Sink Ship’.
Daniel once again is in the engine room tinkering with the console when a worker sees him holding a torch and gets suspicious; they fight and Daniel hits him on the head with a shovel. As they struggle, Daniel mutters “If I don’t turn that thing off, everything will start again”.
Maura is inside the abandoned mental health hospital and goes to room 1011. She opens the door and finds a chair. Her father, Henry Singleton appears and asks where she hid it. Maura looks confused and asks where Ciaran ,her brother is instead. Nurses strap her on the chair and she is given an injection and wakes up in her cabin.
Maura bumps into captain and she reveals that it is the boy and the tetrahedron that stop time. She says that is Maura Singleton and Franklin is her maiden name. Her father is Henry Singleton, who although is a doctor who devoted his life in the study of human behaviour, is also the owner of the shipping company. Maura believes all this is an experiment. Both Maura and Eyk received similar envelopes. Maura’s envelope is addressed to Henry and Maura believes it is her brother who sent it and used her middle name Henriette instead . They were supposed to have met four months ago in Southampton Dock where he would tell her something about their father but he never showed up.
Maura sees a scathar beetle and takes it down the shaft, the beetle opens a passage way that leads to a forest. They arrive at captain’s House which is burnt and the captain says in awe: “We are on a ship, how is this possible?”

In the bridge, Sebastian kills a man just by pressing a button on the device. Maura and the captain return to his cabin through the shaft and Maura says she believes her father made her somehow forget. The captain admits that the passenger list of Prometheus has his signature.

Daniel manages to stop the ticking from the console and people stop falling overboard. Mrs Wilson is ready to fall and stops at the very last minute. People untie themselves as it seems safe now. Sebastian hands over the latest telegraph that reads ‘Sink Ship’ to Captain. Henry Singleton receives an alert from Project Kerberos with triangle symbols. He demands the boy and then opens the curtains at his study and sees pyramid.



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